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Bedevilment Designs is a one man operation, being completely self taught in the ways of the web i learnt the hard way that this stuff aint that easy and is definitely not cheap to take up as a hobby, I have been working with wordpress, seo, coding and all kinds of design now for about 3 years and have finally reached a point where i would like to think of myself as a rather good website designer & multimedia specialist.

Ive always been full of bedevilment hench the name and that’s why I like to add a bit of flare to every thing in my life, i just cant help myself it makes me happy and lets face it all the best people in the world are a wee bit crazy, but saying that it doesn’t mean were not professionals it just means were happy just being us and that is something that shows both in our personal life’s and work as i hope it does with mine.

Blood, Sweat and Tears have literally been put into all of my project’s spending hours at a time on each and every last element until i got the feel and functionality i truly desired, Now after all that i am looking to the future and hoping maybe to turn this into a full time career someday, That’s why I’m offering my services as a freelancer at ridiculously cheap prices just until i build up a larger portfolio or get snapped up by some big firm that’s if I’m lucky.

So until that day here is what I’m offering custom bespoke designed websites for all purposes, If you need a website to sell your product and take payments online – No problem! Do you just want a simple brochure site to show what your all about – Sorted! Do you want your own blog or even discussion forums – No worries! Do you just need some seo to get your website higher on those search engines – Easy! Maybe you want it all rolled into one mega website – well i can do that too, Most of all do you want this for as cheap as possible – well thats great because my rates are unaturally competative and you literally will not find services like this online cheaper if you tried.

So what ever your needs, I can help just throw me a line and ill get back to you as soon as possible!

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Street Cred

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